So, how do you ensure you are getting the best solution for your printing needs? Truth is, a reliable printing company, such as us here at Firstpoint print, works hard to leave a lasting impression on clients by always getting it right and delivering a professional finish. But to help you make the right decision always, we offer a list of tips on choosing the right printer for your project.

  • Check the reputation.

Visit the printer’s website, review the client list and look at their experience in printing. Do not hesitate to ask for questions, as they will gladly address your concerns. It is important to do as much research as possible, and you can take advantage of social media to check for feedback on the company’s services.

  • See the work and output quality.

You should ask to see samples of recent work from the printing company, especially those that reflect your project’s specifications to make a comparison. Check if the finish is to the quality and standard you require, and make sure you do not compromise quality for cheap prices. Remember that if your prints are not of good quality and not up to standard, they will reflect badly on your own brand. Lower prices would often mean low quality and would imply that your job gets printed at the same time as that of other customers, which can have an impact on the finish quality and on your lead times. It is fine to deal with a printer that is somewhat more expensive, but offers value for money.

  • Determine your format requirements.

The type of printing solutions offered is important for you to consider, as it will help you determine the actual cost, the quality of your prints and the turnaround time. So, if your project is related to litho printing, choose a printer that specialises in such to ensure the results meet your expectations.

  • Investigate the level of customer service.

Check how the printer would manage your account to be able to know if you can trust them as your account handler. It is best that they are open and honest and can deliver professional services through good communication and client management skills. Typically, such a company should be able to manage your entire project, covering anything from printing, personalisation to final implementation. Remember that it will be more cost-effective if they can handle every step of your project.

  • Investigate for some “green” credentials.

Using a printing company that manages its carbon footprint will reflect positively on your business. Make sure they are committed to the efficient use of natural resources, preventing pollution and caring for the environment.

  • Conduct a personal visit.

What better to know your printer that visiting them personally? In doing so, you can tour their facilities, talk to the staff and ask questions and generally get a feel of how they operate. Check how they present their premises, as this will give you an idea of the quality of work they produce.

With a dependable printing company, you can finally build a strong working relationship with them, enabling you to receive great service and fast turnarounds. Here at Firstpointprint, we make sure everything is covered for all your printing needs!